EasyCFD is a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software tool for the numerical simulation of two-dimensional and 3D axisymmetric fluid flow in a boundary fitted mesh.

Numerical Calculation of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer in

2D and 3D axisymmetric domains


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 Laminar or turbulent flow

 Isothermal or non-isothermal flow

 Steady-state or transient flow

 Structured and unstructured mesh generation

 k-e and SST k-w turbulence models


Setup and analysis of a problem:


 Drawing of the geometry or data reading from a DXF file or point data file.

 Numerical mesh generation.

 Specification of problem physics and boundary conditions.

 Choice of control parameters for the calculation process.


 The user may change, during the calculation, some parameters for the monitoring of the iterative process.



 Representation of streamlines.

 Vectorial representation of the velocity field.

 Representation of colour-shaded and line contours.

 Data generation for graphical x-y representations.

 Statistical data for the domain and boundary regions.


Although EasyCFD is a simple software, mainly oriented for didactic or educational purposes, it may become a valuable tool for a first analysis in practical situations.


EasyCFD is based in a user-friendly graphical interface, allowing the user to easily draw the geometry, impose boundary conditions, control calculation parameters (subrelaxation coefficients, advection schemes, etc) and post-process the results. Geometry definition can also be done by importing data from a DXF file or a point data file.


Check out the video tutorials and demo movies in the Examples page. The trial version is available for download in the Contact and Download Page.

 Conduction in solids and conjugate heat transfer

 Multicomponent fluid flow

 Transport of passive scalars (eg. smoke)

 Flow trough isotropic and anisotropic proous media

 Geometry import from DXF or point data files


Some Features: